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So simple, but so damn easy to stare at.


The pattern on this semi large, partially medium, single-kick hill bomber just may help you get into serious thought as you ride the bus back up the hill. 


This board is for going fast.  It's got heaps of space up the front for a steady tuck, but you also get the kick to add some steeze to your stance.  

Well, unless you've got a manky stance, then this board won't help you.  


But at least you're trying :)


83cms long

28cms wide 

53cms wheelbase


P.S.  during the drying stage of this board, some mango tree seeds fell onto the pattern and stuck to it.  You can either view it as a little wrecked, or a little bit better!  But either way, I've made it a discounted price because I felt bad.  Enjoy :)