Skateboard R&D

There's nothing like skating in the rain to make you feel like your 14 again.

Thunder cracking 2, and 3 thousand elephants after the blinding lightning.  Wind howling very intensly onshore.  Bearings soaking up as much future arthritis as possible. 

I s'pose common sense should have told me that maybe this wasn't the smartest move...

Well, fuck common sense... I've got skateboards to test!

And it is, it's definitely a highlight of my job.  Testing boards is by far the best way to figure out whether or not I'm selling dogshit, or whether these delicious wooden canvases are worth riding after-all.  It's how I figure out how to improve.

longboarding sequence


So, after 2 hours busting kickflip after kickflip on the street in front of my house.  Fending off judging eyes from behind the blinds of the wary neighbours' houses.  Trying to somehow let them know that I'm not insane.  I'm just trying to do the best for my future customers.  

They don't care...  I'm just that weird dude with a beard who insists on chucking them a thumbs up every time they shuffle past my front porch.

Well all except Shaz.  She's a legend.  And she wasn't afraid to come out into the rain to say "hi" and ask what I was doing. 

Finally!  A chance to explain myself, I thought.

All I could manage to mutter was, "I'm not crazy..."

Oh well, someone's got to do it...

November 13, 2013 by Jimmy Kakanis
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