It seems like these days (much more than any other days in my existence) are based completely around shapes and patterns. 

When we first started making these boards (almost 2 years ago!) I never would have thought that we could have created over 100 completely unique skateboards.  But here we are, still pushing ourselves to explore the apparently never-ending world of shape.  

Each time I sit down to draw a board, I get that feeling that there's no way I'm going to be able to come up with anything new.  But each time I sit down with a plank canvas in front of me, I start getting into that mode.  I start dreaming about someone who doesn't have a skateboard yet, but just might like to if they could find that perfect shape.

And then I draw (sometimes better than others).  

But hey, it's all a journey...







February 13, 2014 by Jimmy Kakanis
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