onwards and upwards!


This week marks a pretty big change in the Cottage story...

Having been unsuccessfully able to find a new house/work-shed in the greater Burleigh Heads region (and with my lease running out literally in the next 3 days) I temporarily gots-ta move back to the parentals place...

Which means, over the next 2 months I'll be setting up shop in Brisbane!

To be honest, at first I was a little funked-out about the move.

Ahhh shit, I thought. This is not where I expected to be after 8 amazing months of making a living from cottage skateboards on the coast...

However, after a quick head-clearing jog on the beach, and while nursing my newly sprained wrist (no surfing for me), I realised that change is good. 

In fact, often, change is fuckin' epic.

There will be heaps of new opportunities (I'll be able to hit up a couple of Brissy markets – which is something I've been wanting to do for a while).

I'll be able to skate some of the amazing local hills.

I'll be able to spend some damn good quality time with my family (and holy moly eat my mum's ridiculous cooking).

And I won't be living an hour away from my beautiful girlfriend :)

I think that works out pretty damn nicely indeed.

Goodbye Yellow Mango it's been amazing.






March 03, 2014 by Jimmy Kakanis
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