The Grainbeck

Far out brussel sprout, moving house is hard work.  But it ain't got nothing on moving house/business/workshop/market stalls and stock all in one go.  

But that's what we've done in the last two weeks.  We packed up life once again, and headed back south from our temporary little stay in Brissy (thanks mum and dad) to the heart of all things well and good, Palm Beach.

And the first thing we did?  

Grabbed a coupon and hit the Palm Beach Surf club for a bloody Palmy.  

Flip yeah, that's livin'!

After that delicious feed, we put ourselves to work.  That included figuring out how to turn our tiny little new Palm Beach residence (The Grainbeck) into a livable and workable space.

The shed was smaller than I remembered, and with two other roommates, we had a lot more gear than I remembered.   Maybe I've got a rosy memory..

Anyway, we've set up as best we can, we'll constantly be updating and changing it,


Here's what it looks like from the street.  The newest Gold Coast Skate shop.



And a little glimpse of the pattern wall inside the shed...



 So if you're cruising down the Gold Coast Highway, look out for our humble little space, we'll probably be out the front making skateboards.

If you can't make it, check out our newest handmade skateboards online!


1213 Gold Coast Highway Palm Beach

May 14, 2014 by Jimmy Kakanis
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