Cottage Surfboards?

After spending about a year and a half shaping my first surfboard, I managed (with the watchful eye and guiding hand of the legendary Jack Knight) to shape another 3 in a week!


Here are two (5'9" single fin and 5'1" quad) - a 9'4" single fin mal is still at Jack's shop (I couldn't fit it in the car...)


Jack is a true master, having shaped over 30000 boards in 40 years by hand. His knowledge of form and shape and flow is ridiculous. Without his keen eye, these couple of boards would be nowhere near as delicious as they are now. 

Jack and his son Aaron are making beautifully finished retro and alternative boards under the name Harvest Surfboards and I recommend you check them out asap.

Since then, I've spent this week glassing at home, mucking around with fabric inlays and resin tints, to pretty sa-weet results.


Pretty damn excited to surf these badboys.  I'll let you know how they go.



May 21, 2014 by Jimmy Kakanis
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