veneer into the unknown

Some people find starting something to be the difficult part.  Others struggle to finish things off..

I think for us, we find it hard to concentrate on one idea at a time.  There's always so many options and ideas.  All of which probably offer some value or function or purpose to someone.  It's hard to know what path to take.

Sometimes you might even stumble across an option, give it a try and breeze right past it, not realizing that maybe you should have spent more time on it.  

That option for us lately, has been experiments with veneers.  About a year ago we did a few tests, and made some really nice boards with some local veneers we'd found at a big warehouse in Currumbin.  

It was a fun project, but after our small supply dried up, we moved on and continued with fabrics and resin to see what we could find down that track.  

But after a good 6 month period away from the veneers, retrospect gave us a pretty delicious dose of insight.  

Then, we got lucky.  A few weeks ago we found a veneer place that was moving warehouses and we managed to get our fingers on about 80 boards worth of really interesting natural and composite veneers.  We mucked around with the first couple of boards last week.

And from that extra bit of experimentation we've made new connections, strengthened a few old ones, and developed some grand ideas for more experiments.

Who the hell knows what we'll find, but I reckon it will be bloody good in some way or another!


August 07, 2015 by Jimmy Kakanis
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