Brisbane Skateboard / Longboard materials providers.

If you live in Brisbane and you're looking for longboard materials (plywood and glue), you might have found it pretty tough to actually locate local suppliers.

After Feni and I spent the better part of a day calling all the local timber yards, specialist woodworking shops, and even boat builders in Brisbane, I decided to put a little list together to help anyone else who is looking to build skateboards.

The types of local ply used for building longboards are;

  • Australian Hoop Pine
  • Pacific Maple
  • Gaboon
  • and Baltic Birch

And you can get the majority of them (hoop, maple, and gaboon) at Boat Craft Pacific.  If you're after the Baltic Birch, we recommend heading down towards the Gold Coast and talking to the guys at DMK Forest Products.

We got out glue from Carba-Tec at Tingalpa (Titebond 3).

I will update this post as I find more relevant information.

September 24, 2013 by James Kakanis
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Daniel said:

I checked out the Baltic Birch from DMK and he thinnest they have is 6.5mm ply. What did you use?

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