Presenting the Firs... ahh... Second board we ever made!

For no other reason than; I haven't had time to take pictures of the first board - I present to you the...


Cottage Skateboards
The Dixie Drumstick in all its glory


"This wonder of modern engineering takes its name from its distinctive shape.  And, much like a delicious Dixie Drumstick, the board will satisfy your hunger in any situation."


Slapstick aside, we made this board because we wanted a really big, really fat, floaty downhill board.  We were originally going to call this board "The Whale" but fate got in the way.


The Story

Feni and I had debated over the name of the board since we created the board's template.  Once it was finished, we still couldn't decide, was it a whale? A Dixie Drumstick? What??  So we took it to the streets...

After our inaugural test-skate down to New Farm Park (video coming soon) - we arrived at a well-laid picknick, we greeted the birthday girl (Ash), some friends, and sat down to a smorgasport of chips and dips.  We were just simply excited to have a couple of tasty beers while being outdoors in a nicely landscaped area.

Then, all of a sudden, there it was...

Nestled under some spicey salsa (in a can) was a box of crunchy golden fish.

Feni and I looked at each other!  It was a sign like no other.  So clear.

It was decided then and there, the board was now to be officially named, "The Dixie Drumstick."

So, to make the occasion extra-special-official, we constructed a li'l Cottage logo out of the preaching fish.

The Dixie Drumstick with custom logo.

I think it came out quiet well.  I don't think we are going to make it common occurrence, but it was a ful li'l art project.


The Dixie Drumstick's success has pushed us to continue to make weirder, more-alternate shapes.  We want to make boards that will compliment the way you ride.  If anyone has any cool ideas, chuck them at us in the comments below.


But before you do, here's a pic of the board during Feni's "artistic" phase.

Cottage Skateboards
The Dixie Drumstick in drape mode

And here's our little baby nearing completion :)


Cottage Skateboards
The Dixie with design files.


Peace, from the Cottage.


September 24, 2013 by James Kakanis
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