The first piece of art I ever bought was on the bottom of my very first skateboard.

And goodness-me I cherished that board, I cherished it until the day it died a soggy Bulimba Creek death.

I searched long and hard to get that precious feeling back.  So when I couldn’t find it after years of skating, my friend Feni and I started building our own skateboards.  We vowed make each board unique.  And we vowed to make each board mean something special to the person who rode it.

And so, Cottage Skateboards was born.

We loved exploring and designing the limitless variations of skateboards from the 50s, 70s, and 80s.  But we just couldn’t get the finished pieces right.

Not to worry, we thought.  That’s what friends are for!   And they were.  Our mates started casually doodling on the boards and everything was swell.  But then we would skate down the street, people would stop us and comment on the unique shape of the boards.  Then we turned them over and their minds were consistently blown...

As we continued, we started meeting other artists, and they started helping us with the boards.  And we kept spreading the word about their art.  Eventually we needed a place to show off all these amazing creations.

So we created, PLANK CANVAS.

skateboard/art event

The idea behind PLANK CANVAS is to support local emerging art by giving 10 artists a unique hand-crafted board, then have them paint away to their heart’s content.

Then on Saturday 6th of April we all gather together at The Southside, have a gawk and a beer, and bask in the pleasant nostalgia of it all.

And hopefully 10 people walk away with their first piece of art, and get to cherish the shit out of their new board until it dies.


Sounds pretty beautiful to me.


Featured artists include:

Plump Oyster, Ella Mobbs, Lucinda Wolber, Barek, Edouard Lee, Ben Samios, Eluan Waldron, Jonathan Huybers, Sam Cranstoun, J. Litten Kotte

Date                      Saturday April 6 – Saturday April 13

Time                     Launch event 5pm – 9pm (Saturday April 6)        

Location            Southside Tea Room 639 Wynnum Rd Morningside   QLD  4170

Cost                       FREE

Event page

Get on board!

September 24, 2013 by James Kakanis
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