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I’m going to keep this blog chugging along because I’ve heard there are few other skaters/shapers/makers that have been scoping out the Cottage progress – and I wanna see if I can give some direct help to them, and also document some of my progress a little more concretely.


First off, the boards are coming along so damn well.

So far I’ve managed to continue my goal of designing an original shape for every board.

It’s been a pretty cool little stroll through the skate/surf history books, exploring styles from different eras, then adapting them to different size skateboards.  I feel like I’m really starting to develop a style I like.

cottage skateboards

I wonder if I could get to the stage, where I meet someone, get to know them a little bit, figure out how they like to skate, then design a board that completely compliments their style - and they froth on it too.  I think that for me, that would be the ultimate.
Each time a friend comes over and shapes their own board, it opens up a whole new viewpoint on how a skateboard could be shaped, and what different people like.

It definitely isn’t one size fits all.

Like Billy’s rad little fish deck…


cottage skateboards

In addition to that, I’ve slowly been perfecting my fabric inlay process.  And after sooo many attempts, I’m getting pretty close to a 10/10 effort.

cottage skateboards

Lastly, I’ll chuck out some wisdom for anyone battling through any type of creative pursuit.

I think you seriously have to live it.  Immerse yourself in it.  You’ll start to see ways you can make it work for you then you can decide whether that’s the path you want to go down.  But always be moving down a path.  If it’s the wrong one, take what you’ve learnt and use it to move ahead on the next track.  It’s a pretty rad little ride.

Oh, and don’t get into too much debt.

September 25, 2013 by James Kakanis
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