The roots of it all

Not long after the Dogtown days, Jay Adams and co kept the dream alive with Z-Flex.  In the first episode of this mini-documentary featuring most of the Zepher crew, the lads explain where the brand started, and who was involved.


Kent Sherwood (Jay Adams' step-dad) was the man behind the manufacturing of the Zephyr Fiberglass skateboard. And in 1976, Jay Adams and Kent split from the Zephyr team and started the short lived E-Z Rider brand that then became Z-Flex Skateboards that is still around today.

With their refined skill in fiberglassing they launched the first Z-Flex skateboards in 1976 from his workshop in Venice. Coming out initially with three different shapes, with the inclusion of the Jimmy Plumer later, Z-Flex Skateboards was one of the premier skateboard brands of that era. 

Well worth a view for anyone who froths on skating in the 70s.

November 07, 2013 by Jimmy Kakanis
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