Let's talk about sex.

I mean, let's examine some wood.


Like, let's test how hard this wood is...

This is just getting weird.

What I'm trying to talk to you about, is what ply we use for our skateboards.


There we go...

Over the past 18 months we've tested plenty of different varieties of local ply.  We've mucked around with Gaboon, Pacific Maple, Birch, four different types of Australian Hoop Pine and even some good old fashion Canadian Maple.

Countless hours have been spent testing (that means skating) on the boards to make sure they are the bestest damn quality they can be.  We finally found a variety of Australian Hoop Pine ply that is farmed sustain-ably, it's strong, rigid and light in our short boards, and beautifully flexy and flowy in our longboards.  


So that's our favourite.

But we also don't mind using the Canadian Maple too.  It's a little bit more expensive, but that extra price tag will get you that well-documented Canadian Maple strength that's been used in hundreds of thousands of trick-deck skateboards over the past few decades.

If you need help deciding, or you've got any questions about anything we do here, don't be afraid to holla at us at jimmy@cottageskateboards.com

Also, if you have had any problems with your board, don't be afraid to talk to us.  We'll definitely figure out a way to get your stoke back!