Do longboards need risers?

Kicking off our informative-post series is the question:

Do longboards need risers?

As a general rule, you don't NEED them...  However, this completely depends on your set-up.  Risers are used to help prevent wheel bite (when turning your wheel can catch on your deck, causing you to stop very suddenly).

If your wheels are bigger than average, or your trucks are small it may be necessary to install risers.

On the other hand, one problem I've encountered from having large raisers on my board, is that when you are pushing, it can seem unnaturally high.  This becomes really annoying if your are travelling any sort of flat-ground distance.

Anyway, they're pretty cheap, and you can swap them over quite easily.

Grab a pair and test em out for yourself.

What do I use?  I don't use any risers, cause I'm badass...