Lunch Toast #1

Just made a pretty badass lunch.  Though that’s not really a very interesting statement in itself, it's got some relevance because I’m actually writing about it!

And this -              - is me starting on something I’ve been meaning to do for ages.. But for some reason, possibly because I was pretending to be busier than I was, or being lazy, or perhaps stupid, haven’t..

But, that’s cool, can’t expect to have it all figured out all of the time..  Sometimes you’re killing it in one part of life, then you think it’s sorted, so you go and figure out another part of life, but then that other part you were killing it in starts to lack, and you’re all like “WTF, why is this part of my life that I used to be killing it in, now sucking so much arse..”

Who the hell knows, part of the journey I guess..  

And it's probably why I'm continually drawn to skateboarding, and why over the years at times I've been super stoked on it, and why there are other times I've taken breaks from it..  

So, anyway back to that lunch I'm eating;

Some brand of multigrain toast (it was $350 a loaf) with some avo on it.  Then, I had (sizzling in a pan)  cherry tomatoes, honey leg ham, red wine & garlic salami, cup mushrooms chopped, haloumi, a bit of tomato relish and thyme.  Then I cooked it all up in a bit of rice oil, and in another pot, poached a couple of eggs.  Chucked it all together on a plate, and then ate that sniz up and wrote about it.

Boom, first lunchtime blog post down.  Oooh, maybe I’ll call this (now) regular post; Lunch Toast.


Also, Pond's newest album came out today.  It's called Man It Feels Like Space Again.  

I'm about halfway through it, and so far it's goin' alright. 

January 23, 2015 by Jimmy Kakanis