Intercontinental love

We were recently contacted (well sort of recently) by an online longboard store in the UK.  This store had plenty of props for what we were doing (which always feels rad) and once I'd had a look into what they're all about, it felt a bit radder.


Bruce's Board store is all about skating away from the norm, and just generally having fun while doing it.  Which to us, pretty much sounds like the right idea.  It's not about skating on the 'trendiest' board, it's about figuring out how you like to skate, then matching your set-up to your style.


It's good to see someone who's out there supporting the little guys, and doing it in their own way.


Browsing through their shop, they seem to have a pretty good eye for quality gear, and who knows, maybe we'll even feature on their digital shelves sometime in the future.   They also offer up a few helpful longboarding tips in their blog.


If you're up that way (the northern hemisphere that is) log on to their site and grab yourself a bloody bargain.  Tell em Jimmy sent ya.