Workshop with Access

finished products of the skateboard making workshop

Since starting Cottage over 5 years ago (how ridiculous is that!) I honestly never thought I'd be going in the direction I'm going, but I have to say, it's been the most fulfilling and mutually beneficial part of the whole experience.  

The direction I'm talking about is using skateboards as a vehicle for positive change through education.  Giving kids a learning experience where they're completely excited and engaged is a pretty amazing thing to witness.  Over the course of a day, you see the transformation from (for lack of a better term) angsty, closed-off teenager, to completely stoked young legend, who's overcome so many hurdles, challenges, and difficulties to make something useful that they can continue to enjoy. 

It bloody warms my heart!

One really special day we had recently was with Access Community Services.  Access specialise in multicultural issues such as helping new arrivals to our country become settled and thrive in our community.

We worked with four young lads to go through the process, and I think you'll see from the photos, they were frothing!

skateboard making workshop - pressing decks

Pressing decks in the skateboard making workshop

Cutting decks - skateboard making workshop


Custom skateboard artwork workshop

finished product - skate create workshop

artwork time - skate workshop


If you're looking to get a workshop in your school or community group, check out our workshops page, or please contact me and I'll send you through some extra info!

November 09, 2017 by Jimmy Kakanis

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